higschool: a social jungle

highschool, for me, is just a place where you get to pick your own set of forever-friends. perhaps there are only two things i liked about highschool

i. my friends
ii. the pride that goes along with graduating from an all-girls sectarian school, like everybody thinks you're rich and sosyal and all those junk that would not really pay off in college

besides that, it's full of crap.

you'll meet real-life tupperwares, walking machine-guns and many many legged serpents.

oh, of course highschool isn't all bad for me, i learned a lot of things too and the most important of them is this:

WEAR YOUR SOCKS LOW. there's no logic to back this up. first year, first week of classes... i volunteered to answer a math problem on the board and before ushering me back to my seat, my teacher reprimanded me in front of the class that my socks were too high. ;_; i was shattered that day, i felt like the most jologs person in class because all of them have ankle socks. what a good way to blow off an 11 yr old's idea of self-image.

influence and good-looks are the only principals needed to get out unscathed in a social jungle called highschool. a little bit of brains would do, but it should never outdo your looks in any way.

there's a different exit for those who use their brains too much.

i love highschool.

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