goals and more wishes for this year

i wasn't consistent with my 101 wishlist last year, i wasn't able to finish listing in a day...and by the time i got over it, i've got around 150+ wishes laid down. and now i want to focus only on those which are high priority and also add a couple of goals i must achieve this year. i'm not a fan of new year resolutions.

goal #1: stop eating too much. maintain a daily food allowance and never ever spend too much on food.

goal #2: for the rest of the semester, visit the swimming pool regularly...like twice or thrice a week.

goal #3: get in shape, shed off the excess fats. large ---> medium, that's the goal. also counts as wish #1.

goal #4: avoid going online when not needed. maximum of 2 visits per week.

goal #5: read lots and lots of books/novels this year. 1 book per month is already good enough if not hard to maintain. ok, 1 book per month it is.

wish #2: save save save save

wish #3: for the panel, dean and college secretary to be kinder to transferees this year.

yo, that's all for now. :D

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