do you believe in fate?

i wouldn't call this a great day, i did nothing for the most part, i didn't bring junjun (i'm using pa-q btw) or anything heavy like my humongous notebook for this weekend. i didn't swim yesterday, though i promised, because i woke up with an ugly muscle pain on my left shoulder and thighs (tennis). i wasn't able to keep the 500 bucks i was meaning to save. i'm not being super productive, yet i'm not regressing either. i wouldn't acknowledge my current state of laziness as a form of regression. i am merely slowly progressing but i am not stagnant.

yesterday's ride was pretty smooth, took only an hour and a half from los banos to manila. maybe it's because of the time, it was saturday noon, not a lot of cars on the road. heyhey, i strolled a bit at megamall and saw this lovely digital camera.

lol, still olympus! i love the color! and this is cheaper than the previous cameras i tabbed!

Olympus FE-370
SM dep't store price: approx 10K. not bad if you're looking for a cheap point and shoot cam! :D

pretty color! XD must haaaaave!

tomorrow will hopefully be a cool day. i'll be going to los banos to pass our project for sosc1 then go home immediately. well, i plan on indulging on wifi though it could still change since i don't have an immediate need for a downloading session yet.

i badly need a place where i could finish reading Almost Heaven. i want to read at the mall, i need the noise and the constant flux of people, it makes me feel alive. here i get sleepy. T__T; in fact i've taken one two many naps this day just because i have nothing to do. T_T ha! tamad.

and hey, i am recommending L'Oreal Elseve Nutri Gloss Intensive Shine Mask. wuut? i don't know what it is but it's like a hair conditioner. it's pretty expensive , around 375 pesos for 200ml. but really, it's a super great product. i only use it once a week, because i need a lot of time with this thing on my head plus rinsing it off is a pain (not a fan of conditioners - it eats up a lot of my bathing time just rinsing it off) but stiiill, it's a good one.
it makes my hair really soft and shiny and it lasts for a week! i mean, not that i don't shampoo for a week but once a week application of this thing is good enough. wutduuuh?

shut up!

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