a game of cricket

i. i'm so happyyyy!! i finally finished downloading the original soundtrack of Becoming Jane! i used torrent for it because direct download links suck. and you know what? i had to leave the pc on through the night to make sure it's downloading (dial up sucks)...i woke up awhile ago and found it's already completed! yey! :D

ii. one vain curly afternoon

iii. i won't be bringing junjun (this laptop) back to los banos this week because my dad needs it. :(

iv. anyway, i'm totally ok with it since i already have the OST. lol i feel motivated to read many judith mcnaught novels.

v. weird dream. i dreamt that my mom has the philosopher's stone (a big red gemstone) in her bag and she brought it to church, i also happen to know about it so i'm extra cautious for ourselves. then i volunteered to carry her bag for her while i buy some tickets (for some church thing). then i realized our senior pastor is chasing me, wanting to get hold of the stone. that's our senior pastor damnit! shocking.

well, he caught me! i was super scared...but even before i could use the philosopher's stone to my advantage (realizing i could somehow transmute it into something helpful just like in Fullmetal Alchemist)... i woke up. T__T;;

whhhhyyyyy? i'm almost near that part where i become a heroine but it was cut. ;_;

i still feel a bit awkward with men, even though i'm not crushing on them. wtf is wrong with me? !&^%@$! there are only two types of male friends whom i'm totally comfortable with... one would be gays... and the other type (if my deduction is right) are those whom i know i won't ever ever fall in love with.

and hey, i also realized that i fall easily! hahahahaha

vii. i still can't get myself to talk to him even when there's a perfectly valid and unsuspecting topic we can talk about. i turn into a major wimp when i'm around him. which is bad but then nobody knows, so that's kinda cool.

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