all roads lead to cubao

pardon the length, i will not cut this entry haha

i. first ever ebay business transaction: success :) met my client awhile (with my sis) ago at megamall and did a short trade. it was cool coz it was my first time to deal with it up front, i mean i was a little nervous beforehand, thinking of arranging formalities because i didn't have a clue on how business meet-ups set online are supposed to go. luckily it was very swift, we were just standing outside giordano at mega B, when we made the trade. i handed him the bag (an HP laptop bag), he inspected a bit then gave me the money. didn't even take a minute. nice and smooth. cool 8D

ii. after the trade, my sister and i walked to st. francis square to buy her dvds and some other stuff for myself. i bought gifts for my friends, a new wallet (which is out of the list but i just wanted a new one lol - i buy pretty much the same stuff anyway), batteries for the camera and...err...that's all i bought at st. francis :)

iii. we walked back to megamall to eat. then strolled a little. i promised myself not to buy anything unecessary but ended up with a bar of yummy dark chocolate. i bought dark because it doesn't make me as guilty as eating milk chocolate.

iv. will drink bioslim tea later

v. note to self!!! buy lots of dvds! st. francis = blu ray haven. because i'm so lagging behind our generation i want to watch these series/movies: gossip girl, heroes, the l word (shane mccrutcheon is my lesbian crush ----ever since highschool), princess hours (lolz), chuck season 2, house, one tree hill seasons 1-6 (or wherever they are right now), batman begins, the dark knight, iron man, twilight (already watched this but just so i have my own copy), harry potter 1-5 (same as twilight), yes man (or just yes?), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, sweeney todd, across the universe, tuck everlasting (disney rare - alexis bledel and jonathan jackson, if you know of a direct d/l link TELL ME plz), more adam sandler, sandra bullock, end of the world, cyber crime and cool alien invasion movies. blah blah blah blah. i'll make a complete list someday

vi. epic. I CAN CURL MY HAIR NOW. we have this ceramic hair styler that's been with us for years and the only thing i could use it for is to straighten my hair. we've been wondering how it could actually curl someone's hair --the plates are all flat-- because that's what it says in the box (it could straight and curl). awhile ago at SM dept store they we're demo-ing the product and i asked the sales lady to teach me how to curl. XD so, yeah.

vii. it's so cold >__<;

viii. post-christmas party tomorrow with my barkada! :) yey. and i totally agree with just spending the whole night in the mall, instead of going to the reunion after. lol i'm evil, yes? i want us to boycott that thing. anything to get the same award, man.

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