i love this guy

he played as Moose in Step Up 2. he's the cutest nerd-looking guy i've ever seen, and he's an awesome dancer. Adam Sevani.

youtube kinda sucks right now or is it because of this computer? anyway, i would love to drown in his videos but as i've mentioned, this computer's video-something isn't working well.

i. epic. it's the first time this semester that my attention span in chem40 lecture reached over 60 minutes! normally, i'd be dozing off after 15 minutes. but really, i don't know why i'm suddenly more attentive now, i'm not even interested in the lesson. come on. unfortunately though, it just happened on that single period and after it never occured again. crap.

ii. i suck at tennis. T_T;

iii. i want to swim for at least 3x a week but the university pool is only open for swimmers (non varsity and non pe student) during weekends. soooo, i'm taking my chances at splash. i don't care if my shoulder gets bigger. the hell, as long as i get an exercise.

iv. it's my sister's 20th birthday today! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERAI! :D :D :D

v. hmm.. nothing much.

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