more than anything

[taken last December 25, 2008 - candlelight mass]

i forgot to mention about it, but yesterday at church during the 2nd altar call, as i was mouthing my prayers... i realized i was close to tears. that was a first time. >___> and when the pastor's hand rested on my head to bless me and my prayers, i suddenly burst out crying. i couldn't stop myself, and believe me I DIDN'T WANT TO CRY. i was pacifying myself because i didn't want my parents to see me crying.

actually i didn't want them to see how 'touched' i was at that time. pride, maybe? in fact, i don't want anyone to know about my religious side, kung meron man ako nun. =__= i'm not proud of my spiritual standing yet, i guess i'm still not in the right position to brag about it. most people do, and it disgusts me because they sound like hypocrites. sorry.

Lord, do you hate me now?

anyway. there was only one thing i was praying about that time and it was just at that moment that i realized how it is the most important thing to me now (or the most important wish):

UP Diliman - Fine Arts

Lord, VisCom please? :)

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