stupid title

jan 16:
i. was extremely mentally draining. during eng2, we had a writing exercise and we were pressured to compose one (at most 2) paged essay about the essence of scholarship and plagiarism. 20 minutes. crap

ii. then on my next class, we had a quiz. guess what, another essay writing thing about the uniqueness of filipinos and ethnocentrism. 15 minutes. more crap

iii. then we had our first chem40 lecture exam that night (my 3rd first exam, if you get what i mean LOL), it was scheduled 7-8:30pm but i finished the exam at 730 (then passed my paper 15mins after, i don't wanna look COOL, really) because i want to catch the last HM trip to cubao. haha

and i did. :)

iv. i was extra lively last night too, i had two cups of coffee and coffee crumble ice cream from my sister, then before my exam my housemates and i partied with the magic sing first. hahaha

jan 14:
v. we watched UPCAT the movie. hahaha, i was kinda proud because 3 of my former schoolmates starred the film: the lead guy, the lead girl and the conyo cousin of the lead girl (who has a really hateful accent) lol

maybe that's it for now

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