way to go!

i. woke up at 5am, arrived at the terminal at around 6, then came to los banos at around 830. then while i was on the jeepney, i was fumbling in my bag for my apartment keys. then i panicked! i couldn't find them! ;___; i was super nervous. my groupmates and i are supposed to meet at 9 to pass our project, and our project is inside the apartment. i got down from the jeepney and walked nervously, thinking if i still have time to travel 65 kilometers (times 2, back and forth) to get my keys, then again, i'm not sure if i really left them at home. ;;____;; i was thinking of calling kuya raffy, the caretaker when i realized i left my phone inside my room...in the apartment. T___T; i am hopeless. then i started thinking of barbaric ways to open the window bars since our project, a half sized illustration board is just sitting on the chair beside the window.

buy heeey, when i yanked the windows open i heard someone gasp. tep and mino are inside!!! damn, they're my saviors! :) and so they opened the door for me and i cheerfully took our project. yey.

ii. it's not over yet, darlings. :) i have yet to get my phone, the laptop and the USB cable needed to transfer the pictures required for the project. i walked upstairs and found that our door won't budge. IT WAS FREAKIN LOCKED!!! more panic. but i was laughing though, it wasn't as deadly as the left-my-keys-panic-attack that i had just a few minutes ago. ;;___;; my housemates don't know why it was locked, no one's inside, and more importantly, none of us have keys to that room. haha so we had to use extreme force to open the door. by extreme we meant these:

  • the 'swipe' technique - works for us in our previous dorm. here you need a prepaid card (or a card that won't break easily) and kinda swipe it between the door and the doorframe, usually when you've reached beetween the, err, the thing that retracts when you twist the doorknob and the (usually square) hole it goes through, you just have to push it open. didn't work. T__T;; sucks, i hated describing that.
  • hairpin pick-lock technique - wannabe locksmiths, yeah. like we actually know how it works. lol
  • scissors technique - uhh, we want to yank the doorknob off that hole
  • "mad, fuming and desperate room owner with a bread knife" technique - uhh, that goes for me. this is similar to the scissors technique, but instead i used a bread knife. it's a matter of trying to destroy the entire doorknob... which produced an ugly bent (but looked artsy to me) bread knife. DID NOT WORK. i was totally desperate to get inside my room. heck, my groupmates are waiting downstairs and i'm constantly banging-screaming-and-brutally-kicking-and-yanking the doorknob open. to nooooo avail. bwahahahaha
  • but of course there's an easy way out of that crap. CALL A LOCKSMITH. but that's gonna cost me 200 pesos + 5 meters walk from the gate. well, i tried this one...but got turned off by the price so i just walked defeatedly back to the apartment... to find out that
  • mino was able open the door without demolishing the poor doorknob!!! i wasn't there so i couldn't describe what he did in detail but i guess i would call it the HAMMER-HAND technique. figures? you do that for me.
whew. that was coool. hahaha

iii. so yeah...we were able to pass our project and i was able to get my phone, the laptop and other stuff, LIKE MY KEYS. then i'm off to QC once again. hehe daddy will be needing my laptop so i'll leave it there this week. good thing we have no eng2 this week so i won't be typing anything, whatever. haha

iv. and NOOOOW? i'm here at megamall, in a coffee shop walled Blenz. i'm super liking it here! free SUPERFAST WIFI and great coffee. lol, and it's around 5 pesos more expensive than starbucks. woa? nevermind that. what puts starbucks below them is the FREE WIFI. their whipped cream is better too. haha

v. is it already chinese new year? coool. saw this at the ground floor, the dragons are dancing on every store! coool.

vi. i'm totally liking it here. :D
currently: listening to Becoming Jane OST and downloading Full Metal Alchemist and Soulmate OSTs :D

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