i. i'm getting the hang of curling. lol. and putting on eyeliner too. lolol. >__>;

ii. i was 45 minutes late on my class yesterday. guess what, i still came. haha anyway it was a 3 hour class. -__-; why was i late, you ask? i woke up on time, dressed up on the time, even arrived on time...but i forgot where we're supposed to hold our discussions that day. -_- good thing i waited at the stairs, i saw a classmate walking out from the cr and he led me to our classroom...which was just two doors across our original room. wt. ;_;

iii. i am so excited to be a fine arts student. only i dodn't want my braincells to deteriorate from lack of analytical thinking. uhh, right? 

iv. WORK excites me too. fine arts = petiks mode = lotsa free time = room for a part-time job = work = money = savings = good future

v. in short: fine arts = good future
seeeeeee? there's so much logic in transferring i couldn't get over it. sometimes i want to scale down the boldness of my plans, but then as early as now i want to CLAIM it already that a goof future awaits me at diliman.

vi. watched becoming jane (life of jane austen) two nights ago and fell in love with the setting. it's totally judith mcnaught. hello hollywood --- why not make a movie out of Whitney my Love? 

vii. i have ironman (blu ray quality) in my PC. and it's freaking 7.90something GIGS. a dvd of that size would cost me more than 45 pesos -- which is the cost of a single dvd movie in st. francis square. i'd rather buy movie dvds then.

viii. wait. if i download it through the net, that's only 700+MB per movie. oh yeah, dl time sucks. 

ix. copying bleach. the evilness.

x. my back hurts. i'm in need of a serious workout. T____T;


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