more of last year plus some thoughts on 2009

i can't forgive myself for forgetting to put up a thank you entry. so here it goes

i. to my parents - thank you for everything. i mean, for the countless stuff you've done for me, for continuously financing my studies and supporting me all throughout my plans in life (no matter how much they sucked). thank you for scolding me for hogging the internet too much, for teaching me everything about the kitchen. i can cook a decent meal now.

ii. to my sister; terai - you constantly annoy me, but that's part of being a regular sister right? i love you and you know that. thank you for riding with my mood swings and tolerating my silliness (esp about TV 5's CEO-slash-dubber-of-everything-that-needs-to-be-dubbed-and-director-of-every-show-they-air-who-also-triples-as-their-building's-bodyguard-and-receptionist-too). lol

iii. BTS - my forever friends. let's always keep in touch! i love you all. i always miss you, of course we don't see each other that often. thank you for always being my friend. XD highschool friends will always be the best

iv. my housemates - i'm gonna mention you all; yndi, anne, jayjay, tep and mino too. let's continue to rock the house! XP thank you for everything! for keeping the house, well, house-ly and for being extremely tolerant of my epic weirdness. XD

v. orgmates - i must admit i'm not close to everyone but the org as a whole is one thing that i will treasure throughout my life. lol? so maybe i'll mention a few people whom i got some relevant bonding with this year hahaha

my chem32 classmates-slash-brods-and-sisses - glaize, emman, itchel, bryan (tho we didn't really hang out much). thank you so much for making my second take much tolerable. really, i could've done another mistake of letting myself fall down the cliff if i didn't have friends like you. XD

special mention: itcheeeel!!! - i guess you're one of the best persons i've bonded with this year. well, i've known you since you entered the org but we didn't really get to know each other that well. hehehe, it was so much fun being with you, talking about anime (code geass and death note! lol), speaking some sort of alien language that we learned from a stranger's shirt(ex; u-na-i-ba-e-ra-sa-i-da-a-da na-ga pa-i-la-i-pa-i-na-a-sa). nyahahahahaha XD

another one: jomuel - you proved me wrong. i'm guilty for clustering you with those people whom i consider slightly unapproachable because all they ever talk about is their academic standings. when i saw you at astra watching code geass, i was surprised! XD lol maybe code geass would sum up everything that we've talked about this 2008. looool. thank you! XD there are only a few people here that i could flail with about my favorite animes. hehehe XD thank you for being one of them.

vi. college friends - people whom you greet when you pass them by the streets. makes me less of a loner. haha thank you.

leonard - i will forever treasure our friendship! :) you've been a big part of my chem32B (B - second take lolz). thanks for reviewing me and encouraging me study more.

mars, bea, and bianca - chem32b classmates still! :D thanks for the wonderful time. :D

but of course
simply for everything :)

looking forward to a better year! :D

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