layout #4, 3, 2 and 1

layout #4:

so... i moved in last december 12 and i've already changed layouts for 4 FREAKIN TIMES! which means i change almost every week? that's absurd. maybe i blog too much that's why i get tired of the look so easily.

anyway, here's to a new look. a neutral, clean and neat look. i like it! it's very simple. :)
here's a screenshot for my sake:

modified from Dots by Douglas Bowman (you can find it in blogger's 'pick new template' option in the layout tab)

layout #3:modified from Minima by Douglas Bowman (a blogger default template)

layout #2:
this time modified from K2 by Gecko and Fly
i made layout #3 similar to this because i found a problem with the GnF layout.

layout #1:K2 by Gecko and Fly

NOTE: if you liked any of the layouts i do, i can help you on that. i keep the xml backups of my previous layouts, if you'd like to use the design on your blog, i can give the file to you for free. :) then all you have to do is upload your own header and re-install your gadgets. :)

the main thing i do is to modify pre-made layouts according to my preference. :)

comment if interested. :D

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