gadgets + accessories wishlist

1. new cellphone :D
red nokia 6300 (est. 9k) or white nokia 3120c (est. 8k)

2. rechargeable digital camera with video recorder
kodak easyshare m1033 or olympus fe340.

with kodak
- great picture and video quality
- video is saved as .mov ... a not so universal format that is only playable on quicktime (avail on package) and who knows...some other apple players. if you're fond of video editing, i don't think .mov is a friendly pick

with olympus
- nice color lineup
- picture and video quality is a bit inferior to kodak (but is still great so far)
- goooood thing: video is saved in .avi format, which can be played everywhere. and can be edited everywhere too
- yey.

both items go for at most 13,000 pesos.
these are the most affordable, price-worthy and quality rechargeable digicams i've spotted so far.

3. 8 gigs USB flash drive
i saw one at SM appliance and it's only for approx. 1,400K! (imation brand) <---- these transcend flash drives are super cute tho i don't really care how it looks like as long as it reads (and stores) 8 freakin gigabytes. the more the merrier. because i hate the risk of cd-r king pdts, i thought i'd consider something a bit more expensive but for your sake.... the cheapest 8gigs i've seen so far can be bought at 800 pesos at the most at cd-r king. china made. unsure of the quality tho.

4. philips earphones

i think this model is SHEsomethingsomething. this is a semi expensive earphones as they go for approx. 600 pesoses but they're probably the best earphones i've tried next to senheisser which is out of the question as most of them are overpriced.

anyhooow, that specific model comes with 5 interchangeable caps which looks super cuuute hahaha they have metallic apple green, metallic pink, black, grey and if i'm not mistaken there's metallic red too. of course default is white. :D

ok, the cheapest i've tried comes only at a hundred buckeroos. guess where, cd-r king. big loser. yeah. the buds are like awfully naked now because the earcaps are very fond of detaching themselves so i kinda lost them while travelling. don't buy stuff at cd-r king unless you're out of budget and is not as tech-savvy (translation: mahilig at maarte sa gadgets) as i am.
perhaps the best thing about cd-r king is that they sell lots of cheapo stuff but then most of their electronics like to play dead and they just randomly ressurect (take my lame earphones for that). the heck.

5. magic mic

approx. 9k
need i say more?

6. case logic phone/mp3 case

i dunno, 400? primarily for my phone. :)

7. germany fifa world cup lanyard

because it's black. honestly though, if there's a black italia lanyard i'd take that instead. i have no particular inclination towards germany as i do with italy (i like the country plus the whole art emergence in there and also the food but it's only available in blue ;_;) but ugghh... the color, man. -__-;

i like black.
buy me this! haha 200-250 lang. err... ewan ko nga lang kung san. they're available through some multiply sites. lol.


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