another blenz weekend

been here for 2 hours. i've just finished rewriting my notes and is now off to downloading movies.

this week has been quite great. :)

i got a 92 on our first chem40 lecture exam. it was a total shocker for me. i don't usually get high grades. but then, what is there to expect on my third take? weh

one more! i was the only one in our social sciences class who got a perfect score on an essay question in our first exam. i was even special-mentioned. wooo. hello flatteries. i didn't ace the exam though, the only socio major in our class did the honors for that. figures.

hmm. i'm proud to say that i've been successfully minimizing my internet usage. maybe because i'm cutting down my own allowance to avoid unnecessary spending. then i'll do a one-time-big-time internet splurge when i drop by megamall before going home. coffee + internet = the best combo in the world.

note to self and to others too:
for free direct movie/series/anime download, register at
TV Free Load Forum

@ had a date with ate venice last night! her treat cos we're celebrating her passing the microbiology licensure examinations! :D 100% passing rate for UPLB students. hehe XD

OMG. somebody stop me from going to the atm machine and withdrawing some money. THERE'S A SUPER SALE HERE AND IT FREAKIN READS 70% OFF AT MANGO. what a bad position i'm in. T__T;

dragons seem to parade here every week. whattasight! :D

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