err... i survived?

more or less 3 days without internet! now that's cool

monday night i came to elbi to review for an exam for the next day. but i was wrong, we didn't have an exam! grr T__T;

tuesday was boring. i skipped two of my classes because i overslept. well, not exactly but i keep on snoozing my phone off that i decided to just cut the crap with going to classes and just sleep.

hey, but i attended my afternoon class that day cos it was a lab session. boring boring, we're now entering the period of petri plates overusage and it's fun cos i already know all those junk.

know what? i hate the freshies. well, not all of them but damn it, most of them are really unnerving and proud and boastful and i just wanted to cut their heads off and kick them if that's gonna shut them off for good. i hate it. i hate them! now i know how it feels to be extremely mad at the lowerclasses just because they exist.

i know, i'm so evil.

wednesday, hmm, what happened then? i don't remember much. we had chem lab, i wore flats, got a blister from it then...then...err. nothing really. boring daaay.

thursday. finally, an exam. not that i've been waiting for it but i've been studying on the wrong days and it pisses me off because my long weekend is always sacrificed.
how was the exam? hard. it was full of identification items which weren't discussed specifically, we don't even have a common reference so how dare he.

i think i can handle poverty, but not too much. look, i've saved a considerable amount of my allowance for this week because, err, because... i didn't eat much?

friday. i wasn't able to get some sleep.

why wasn't i able to get some sleep anyway? I DRANK COFFEE. i just craved for it, and God did i pay the lethal cons. i was awake till 4 am. i've watched Cruel Intentions, played and reached level 22 of text twist, sucked at Mario and blogged enough on my private word journal. i was wearing shades the whole night (or morning) because my laptop is glaring (ardy in the darkest setting). then i ran out of things to do so just laid down and tried to sleep. to no avail, folks. to noooo avail.

2 hours man, i just slept for 2 hours and i woke up with my phone ringing. my sister called me to print her exam and pass it to her teacher . i badly wanted to strangle her that time for spoiling my sleep and for forcing me to fill up with her irresponsibility (cos she's in manila doing her thesis junk). i hate her! and she wants me to pass it at 830 when i have a class til 9! %^!#$^ her. really @^!^*$#&( her to death. she spoiled my freakin day. goose fraba, baby. gooooose frabaaaaah.

on another note

i got an uno for my backhand practicals! and around 1.25 to 1.50 on my forehand. i suck at service.

chem practicals tomorrow morning.
then off to swim.

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