january 3, 2009

i. redbox - trinoma :)
super fuuun! we weren't complete pero madami naman kami! yahooO! :D lol we only spent 2 hours at redbox (5-7pm) because of the student promo... that's why we only played like 30secs of each song para sulit! lol

and KA ordered a really large platter of nachos for everyone which delighted my every nerve. lol


ii. epic fail camera (or batteries?) - was already in the tricycle when i realized i didn't bring the camera with me, so i went back for it. when i'm already in the mall ---- i realized that the batteries i bought were uncharged!!! (i bought rechargeable ones and they weren't pre-charged dmnt!). i didn't buy new ones anymore since 3 of us have cameras naman so i'm just gonna grab and repost their pics soon. lol

iii. did not feel a bit guilty about not attending the sixtreme reunion. felt kinda bad for reyno though..

iv. trinoma is too big.

v. there's fully booked?!?!?!!?! well, yes. just learned about it last night.

INEZ DROVE US HOME (well.. me, karlita, larz and carlaaa), talk about cooooolness. she dropped karlita and i at fcm, yahooooo. :D :D :D ang saya saya. hahahaha

i wanna drive na rin!!! T___T;;

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