new favorite movie: Becoming Jane

so far i've watched it three times already and damn i still cried. T___T;

"Jane, I'm yours. God, I'm yours. I'm yours, heart and soul."
- Thomas LeFroy

shet ka, LeFroy. you just turned me into a hopeless romantic, something i hate identifying myself as.

how many times did he say he's hers? freakin three times, man. that totally blew off my concept of how an "i love you" could turn me into puddle of slime. i'm yours, i'm, jason mraz is no match for tom lefroy.

T_T; a guy saying he's yours is pretty much the riskiest thing he'll ever do in his life. imagine, transferring complete property of a male heart and soul to a female's hands is like binding himself in a contract that automatically renews every day for the rest of his life.

that's just too crazy to handle.
and if the guy isn't joking, though i have no idea how to tell, then by God you need all the divinities to back you up with your decision.

Whitney my Love, if turned into a motion picture would make a more romantic, old english set. though i doubt, James McAvoy would fit into a Clayton Westmoreland, but either way, whoever gets the role, must live up to (at least) my expectations.

is someone even planning to do this?

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