no tennis D:

yo man that sucks. >___>;

this day is the day i anticipated the most in hopes of getting a good sweat, but because it rained, our class was cancelled and we were scheduled to have a make up class this coming monday 7-9 am.

are you crazy?
like hell would i go. i hate make-up classes, they always fall on mondays, and i don't have classes on mondays - and...and PE is not something i would sacrifice my long weekend for...even though it's my favorite subject. T_T;

and tomorrow is our 2nd Big Day. we call it big day because it's the day in eng'g meet where we go play against schemes (our so called rival org). i'm giving up on the jersey because it seems like i can't order it from the org (which sucks). my fault, i was late. but hey i think i reminded someone my size, name and number...but he forgot so...grr.. that sucks more.

i really want my own jersey because it's probably going to be my last AChES jersey. lalakarin ko to mag-isa kung hindi nya ko matutulungan. dmn. and i'll probably include the new members.

hello. i would love get my own copy of Becoming Jane OST by Adrian Johnston. where are my piracy skills??!?!?


i'm alone in the apt tonight. >___>;

btw, finished watching iron man last night. cooooool. haha


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