everytime i hate you, i hate you genuinely. but when i love you, i love you dearly --- and that is for the most part.

i was in the middle of writing a semi-hate post and another edition of my personal psychoanalysis but i deleted everything, because i realized it isn't the right thing to do (or share). though i managed to keep the title in place.


after church, we went to the annex to do some grocery shopping, then i spotted this

a giant laughing buddha! XD

and so i had to do this

i dunno, they say it's lucky when you touch the laughing buddha's belly. haha, who knows. XD

hmmm, i'm guess i'm lucky enough this day...i bought myself two packs of Cracklings and a chocolate bar. then my mom gave me another chocolate bar. then we had pizza and ice cream. DQ mehn! there's DQ at SMNE (short for SM North Edsa, dangit such a long name). hahahahahahaaaa

tiring day. :D

nothing's still up for our reporting on tuesday. T_T
more so, there's also nothing to look forward to my ENG2 notecards. daaangit!

random pic:
my sister and i at the giant buddha exhibit. catch it if you want, i just don't know when they're gonna take it off, it's at the 4th floor of The Annex, SMNE.

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