guess where i am today? BLENZ!!! haha my 4th weekend at Blenz... see? i'm totally saving up at least 150 pesos from my allowance just to be here in the best wifi zone i've ever encountered.

anyway. i'm downloading kite runner, twilight and tuck everlasting...

and about bleach...
it just became my new addiction! :) i'm only at episode 24 and there are only 35 eps in my PC so i have to allot yet another anime stealing session sometime next week so satiate my hunger for more cool eps. T__T btw, Bleach isn't finished yet and it's by far one of the longest series i'm about to watch... 200+ episodes, including some really unsolicited fillers.

if you noticed, i deleted the last two entries before this one because my conscience kept on bugging me. i thought it was too harsh of me to pass on judgment like that... like i'm some grammar guru or something. sorry. my bad.

on the other hand, i still haven't gotten over his warm greeting last night. when he said "God Bless", i thought i really got blessed. i felt, err, the hand of God? no, i guess he's really got a strong sense of spirituality and it somehow coursed through me? IDK. it pays that i'm infatuated with him, and it captures me more that he's a Christian. a good, practicing one at that. even though i'm a also Christian i couldn't conclude myself as righteous in any way. sucks because i want to go to heaven someday.

moving on, i finally bought new earphones! i've been hanging on to my sad-excuse-for-a-good-pair-o-earphones till this week when it finally gave off... can't describe how it looked like, i think it's pretty much ugly disassembled blaaaaah. T__T;

my downloads stopped working! @^&%!%$(%^!@%$*&)(!!!
after all, i guess i'm just gonna buy DVDs at st. francis square.
i learned one thing there, THEY DON'T SELL TAGALOG MOVIES.

more more more...

i'm having trouble resizing my partition disks. i have an active drive C which is 80gigs and a data drive E which is only 60 gigs. i want to remove 20G from C and add it to D so that C=60G and E=80G, cos apparently i'm running out of space in my data drive. T___T;

hmmm.... >___>;;

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