1234 freakin entries in a day

could be more though, depends on how much i slack off with studying.
i changed my wallpaper! :D err... i've been using my picture (me swimming at baker pool) ever since i got this laptop and i figured it's time to change! yey! :D

it's bleaaach now! :D


i badly want to flail over something right now. bleach? right. but but but, i have no one to flail with!!!!! there are no enough people whom i can freely talk to regarding my fandoms. hahahaha

bleaaaaaccccch!!! :)
i'm not so much into yaoi na. that's cool cos honestly, i consider it a semi hormonal imbalance that i like boy-boy love. heh

bleach is my reward! XD

sige sige, aral na ko. -___-;


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