long time no blog?

it's just four days, and i already think it's a form of injustice to not update this blog. honestly, the reason why i haven't been blogging as often as i did before is because i have to save money... it's quite working, you know. the level of my internet addiction is slowly downgrading. you can well see that in this blog. at least i can contain the number of junk entries i feed this thing.

let's get going...

tuesday i stole around 8 gigs of Bleach, i got around episodes 35-69 and 109-120? hehe, sad thing is... they have eps 70-108 missing! T___T;;

wednesday was boring.

thursday? hmm...nothing much. oh, except that yndi was able to contact CFA and ask a couple of questions about the basic drawing workshop. it's worth 5 freakin thousand man. good thing i was able to ask my mom for it, in a form of a loan of course hehehe.

oh yeah, it's febfair week. >__>;; and because i'm too shy and friendless to hang out in our org booth (not even an option for me)... i just went to the fair with yndi. there's this contestant in Star in Carillon who sings great, if i remember correctly he's named Luis and he sang Rainbow by southborder. grabe, instant tunaw! we were all awe stricken on the field. weeh? he reminds me of jerson too, hahahaha.

o tapos? hmm... ah...chem40 2nd lec exam nga pala. shit.

friday. tennis. blaaaah. i'm not enjoying it anymore. my teacher was accusing me that i didn't pass an index card because she didn't have it in her hand. shut up. it's not my fault you lost it. hmp.

on the other hand, it was friday the 13th. nothing grave really happened to me... well, i did get an ugly bruise on my left knee because i tripped on my way to ceat. i went there to return the OR for my request for a certificate of good moral character and return my old old checklist. i was it ichel that time...and we did a hell lot of walking. T__T;

hmmm... 2.5 requirements done! hehehe i was able to get my OSA certificate of conduct eligibility that day, and i already have 3 1.5x1.5 id pictures, and of course... i'm halfway through the CEAT cert of good moral chorva. whew, just the letter, essay and the TCG and i'm done. fucking TCG. i'll be holding it till the end of the semester because i still have to reach the grade requirement. oh dear Lord, help me with this.

and theeen, hmmm... yndi and i were about to go home when she realized that she had lost her wallet. so we had to look for it first. sad that we didn't find it. and because she has part of her workshop money there, she has to raise the 5k thing overnight!

i was also worried about her since i want us to go through the application process together and i don't want her to miss the workshop... so i paid for her first. i loaned 2k from my mom, 2,300 from my mom's secretary (lol?) and took care of the rest. hehe

saturday. my parents were so supportive that they drove us to UP, we fetched yndi at mcdo katips (supposed to be at philcoa but wtheck. misunderstanding) and went to search for CFA. we got pretty lost but we didn't get late naman. hehe

and then...yun. workshop. i'm starting to believe coach bruno when he said that FA is full of pretty ladies, excluding myself. half of the class are half-breeds judging from their looks. hmm...

the workshop was ok, it was cool! :D we drew mostly statues... including the one i'm assuming to see at the talent test, a venus de milo bust. it was harder than i thought, you know, to copy human figures... i never had a correct sense of proportion (blame anime) but i'm excited to learn. :)

we had lunch at the shopping center and got lost on our way back. we took the wrong jeep, and ended up at the katipunan terminal. then when we got to an ikot jeep, we missed cfa so we had to go another round. whew. we were 1 hour late for our afternoon session. T______T;

after the workshop... we went home immediately. >___>;;
no diliman febfair for us. >__>;

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