almost positive client.

i. i've been talking (through text) to this person who wants to get hold of the item i'm selling at ebay. however, he proposed a swap thing, which i'm not really fond of since i need the cash more and i might not get the right value for the item i'm going to resell when i swap my item with his'. anyway, i've already made a polite decline to his (i presume it's a he with the way he texts) offer.

wooh. i need more lessons with marketing. i've always wanted to be a businesswoman someday, not a crap engineer or anything as hideous. hehehehe so with what just happened, i need to be more patient. and i need lots of it since i already limited my prospect clients within QC and Metro Manila to eliminate the meet-up hassles. hehehe

more more more...

ii. i'm halfway through How To Find Your One True Love by Bo Sanchez. lol i'm liking it becausue i get to realize a lot things... like i'm too picky and i don't date because i thought there's only one type of dating -- the romantic kind. i totally missed out on the 'friendly date' thing. haha i don't even know what a date means.

lol well it doesn't really change anything hahaha. :)

it was cool though, a self-help book dedicated to old singles made by a guy. heck, who would've thought.

iii. somehow, i think the slimming tea is working. lol, but i'm not getting the stomach aches though.

iv. last night we watched My Only U on big screeeeen! yeaaaah! big screen = projector in an air-con(ed) room. hehe terai bought a couple of tagalog dvds for my mom and we watched it altogether. it was so funny and sad at the same time, lol i cried. :)

i ♥ vhong navarro
and the toni-vhong loveteam too XD

v. oh by the way, after church we went grocery shopping at the SM Annex because we wanted to try out this Save More market in hopes of actually saving more money. yun pala, it's still part of SM Supermarket. kaya pala Save More kasi SM. whatever.

then we took our time to explore the annex, which is SM's newest shopping building. heck, like they could invest more on it. next time there's be an Annex 2, Annex 3 and so on. they just keep on expanding like heeeeell! but it's good naman haha.

while strolling we were approached by this super handsome Jewish guy named Maor, trying to sell his beauty products called Holy Land/Minus 417 (actually from afar pa lang napansin ko na sya, bonus na lng na inapproach nya kami hehehe). their products came from Israel pa daw and their main components came from the Dead Sea, which is 417 meters deep below sea surface... hence the title, O diba cool. hehe he's not gay though lol why am i suddenly talking about his sexuality. grabe, and gwapo eh. kaso maliit hehehehe, his eyes were so deep, his lashes so long....he's just soo... ewan ko, Jew. XP hehe

and theeeeeen, someone approached me too, she asked me "taga holy ka?" (because i was wearing our school jacket. and i said yes. she asked for my batch, i said 06...i asked for hers sabi nya 08.

napa-shet ako (inwardly) becuase i thought she was older that i am. then she starts asking if i know mimi delos reyes... e shempre ano bang alam ko sa lower batches diba? when she asks for my batchmates, so i mentioned some of my friends' names blah blah blah.

yun pala, 03 sya... hehe 08 sya grumaduate from college hehehe. ok that clears it. hehehe and she works from that Holy Land. haha

di kami bumili. hehe ang mahal kaya! XP gusto ko lang tingnan ni Mr. Jewish guy. lol

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