finally T__T;

after looooong hours of editing and editing and polishing every detail, i can finally say i'm done with this layout (at least for now).

i was pretty much contented with the previous layout of this page but i just realized that Gecko and Fly's comments link isn't working (or at least the codes put in --- maybe it's not for blogger). and so i tried installing a third party comment system -- haloscan -- but it won't work still. haloscan has an automatic install wizard for blogger (and they fkn don't have a manual install instruction page as a fail-safe, shouldn't this be a SOP?) but when i uploaded the file they won't let me publish it "as it is not well-parsed blah blah blah"

so i had to tear down the whooooole thing and start from scratch, specifically from a raw Minima layout. i did my best to preserve the original look, sans the horizontal navbar because everytime i do it on my own, they get misaligned in other browsers.

aaaand, because i'm a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing, i didn't leave the PC (well, i did go on eating plus dish-washing breaks) until i'm sure everything's set. misaligned stuff is my major pet peeve when it comes to making layouts.

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