mejo nilulumot na ko dito

we've been here since 1pm... it's already nearing 5. this is exactly how i wanted to spend a day in a coffee shop with free wifi, at least the amount of time i spent here clearly compensated the price i paid for the coffee... they even gave me the wrong change but since it's 10 pesos more than what i ought to receive, i didn't mind. lol

i'm just wasting my time here. -_-; i didn't even get to download the movies and series that i want because they're too large T__T; later i'm going to buy dvds.

i wanna watch full metal alchemist! T__T;

i'm also intrigued with this anime called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! bwahaha, after reading the synopsis i think i'm going to enjoy it...hehehehe weird people rock! XD

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