finally, a room that feels like a room

a place where i can lock myself in, a place with internet connection, privacy, and a big bed. :D

yes! :D i've finally redesigned my room in preparation for next school year. lol. i am THAT excited to turn my room into an art den, but i don't have enough freedom yet because i still share my room with my sister during nighttime because our parents use her room since their room is not conducive for resting because it's facing the street. whatever.

anyhow. with the help of my uncle, we've transferred the study table inside my room. i've been begging my mom to relocate that long table but we didn't have enough manpower then. and now that it's here, i'm happy! :D bwahahaha at least i can stop pestering my parents. weeeeee XD

and because my mom is so concerned that we'd ruin the floor when we drag the chair in and out of the desk, she wants us to buy rolling chairs, yknow those office chairs with wheels. i wonder how much that's gonna cost. anyway... fine. XD

i'm preparing my friends gifts right now, mom says she'll be giving me half of my christmas bonus on saturday so i'm counting on that. regarding our highschool reunion though, i'm not sure if i can come...depends on the availability of a free ride and of course my friends' who's coming.

happy new year! :D

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