email entry #1

let's see how this works. apparently i can't insert html codes here (have tried and failed)... hm, but i can put images according to blogger! :) keewl

i. maid-less day #1 -  i can live without a maid you know. i just want to tell you how i love our current maid right now (the one who went on vacation). she's so caring, she wouldn't leave us until after lunch to make sure that we've eaten and the dishes are washed. lol. actually, whenever we don't have a maid around, we don't cook a lot and eat on the dining table, hahaha, instead we eat on the table outside near the dirty kitchen so cleaning up would be a breeze. lol it's christmas and she wouldn't even accept gifts, i was planning on giving her a jacket but when i learned she already rejected a jacket my mom gave...i didn't buy anymore. nyahaha hope she stays with us forever. XP

ii. yey. i thought i'm going to be phone-less this christmas because my charger broke 2 nights ago. i was just charging my phone and when i came to get it, i pulled out the charger via the chord (my mistake) then it broke into half, spilling out the insides. T____________T;;

it was funny actually, it was not the first time i saw a charger's internal organs but hey, it's the first time i actually got to recognize the parts (credits to physics13)! i saw 2 transistors and a circuit board with labels (like R1, R2, R3 blah blah) and i immediately recognized those R's as the resistance values. LMAO. and voltage source is connected to the 2 metal thingies you plug in a socket. it's too geeky, i'm enjoying it. unfortunately, that's just about how far i went with the charger, i couldn't get myself to fix it because there's a loose wire and i don't know where to attach it (it might explode lol).

that's why i just bought a new one a while ago. happy.

iii. it's my first time to cook longanisa. i didn't know you just need water to cook it. nyaha

iv. currently listening to - code geass OST :) ooooh memories!

merry christmas! :)

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