nature-trip: check

woa! natupad agad!
lol. remember i mentioned in my last entry that i wanted go nature tripping (plus swimming and blaah) this break? it just came true!

we went for a picnic at la mesa ecopark awhile ago to celebrate my auntie's birthday (which was two days ago). it was reaaallly fun! it's only my second time there and i've never done any in depth exploration so my sister and i took our chances to, well, exploooore! although i kinda hated it because she wants to 'experience' basically everything (stupid things involved) like walking on a muddy slope uphill when there's a paved staircase available, sitting on the dirtiest thing with the ugliest view, taking the scariest trails... well it's part of her nature you know, to piss me off. and i also hate it because it makes me look so maarte when in fact, i'm not! i mean, yeah... ok, i'm being maarte but her idea of adventure is just so stupid. it's not how i wanted to explore ecopark. but i still did, with her, and hell did i endure it with all the impracticalities she imposed. watdaheck.

i also realized something while with her. she's more adventurous than i am, and she fears lesser things than i do. and it also dawned on me that it's not because of her ignorance that i sometimes hate her, it's because of her innocence. i'm not trying to make things lighter you know. i love my sister, my ate, my terai... i'm just being a regular 'older' sister. and about the 'innocence' thing, i think i'm too 'impure' (for a lack of a better term) to understand how it's like being innocent. most of the times i'm ignorant.

makes me want to philosophize the two terms because it's confusing me now. T_T


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