CLICK TO ZOOM! (nazoo-zoom ba? -_-) please, celebrate with me! bwahahaha

i've finished the advanced level of MINESWEEPER (16x30 tile grid; 99 mines)! oo, that's what i've been knocking my brains for since christmas break started (besides dish-washing). lol ok... to save you from a mouse click, here's what's written on my "congratulatory" mini pop-up window:

you have the fastest time for this difficulty level

Time: 465 seconds (7.75mins)
Best Time: 465 seconds
Games Played: 121
Games Won: 1
Percentage: 0%
Date: 12/30/08

XD i'm not sure if i'm fast enough, but i'll work hard on it. i want to be faster next time! haha, as if it's gonna help me rule the world. ;____;

if you notice though, i've played 121 times and won only once. err, that should sound inspiring........ne?. ^__^;; it doesn't matter how many times you've lost, in the end what's gonna count is the number of times you triumphed over something. a single victory is enough to flood a thousand failures.

little by little i'm going to increase the number of tiles (max: 24x30; 668 mines) until...well, until i become a master minesweeper! XD *insert hysterical geeky snort here*

thank you for bearing with this entry.
cheers? ^^;

PS: advanced happy new year!!

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