this is lame. i've got pretty much a ton to do over the break, i even remember listing them out on my previous entry... but why am i still so bored? maybe it's the wheather. T_T; maybe it's because i have no money yet. or maybe it's because i'm too lazy to do anything. T__T;

while net surfing i'm also watching FMA, i'm quite enjoying it! bwahehe, does that make me not bored???

oh right.

i'm waiting for my stomach to grumble enough to send me to the toilet, but it just won't come. remember the slimming tea i bought yesterday? i tried it last night and it was supposed to bring me in a nasty stomach pain right now but where arth thou? well, it kinda came out awhile ago but there was no stomach pain or whatever and i just ate lunch by then....grrrr. something wrong?

mall! coffee!
drnt, i need both of you now.

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