here's a list you might find useful if you're thinking of giving me a gift. weh. this list includes both material and non-material wishes... plus some ridiculous items you might just want to pray over for me. :)

1. digital camera
2. speedo training bag
3. my own art exhibit
4. be a national artist for visual arts (weh!)
5. be part of the varsity swimming team lol
6. transfer to UP Diliman and take Fine Arts this 2009
7. get out of CEAT!
8. 8 gigs USB flash drive
9. rubbershoes!
10. big big jansport backpack
11. a belt
12. Brida by Paulo Coelho
13. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
14. Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho
15. All American Girl by Meg Cabot
16. Money War DVD
17. all Harry Potter books
18. red low-rise chuck taylor's
19. white ipod earphones
20. wifi!
21. my own room with my own bookshelf and study table
22. meet Ryan Agoncillo ♥, have a picture with him... better yet, have Juday take a picture of us. bwahaha
23. travel to Boracay, or Palawan or anywhere in the Philippines with a nice beach
24. out-of-town with BTS
25. shop at Hong Kong
26. White Musk perfume from The Body Shop
27. learn Flash animation
28. master Photoshop
29. make an artwork larger than a bond paper
30. get a positive client at ebay
31. do some effective sidelines
32. learn butterfly stroke, tumbling and high diving (swimming)
33. learn to drive and eventually get a license
34. publish an art book >__<>58. new wallet
59. Bo Sanchez books
60. no failing grade this sem (08b)
61. swim at baker! or makiling! anywhere basta malaki yung pool (at rectangular)
62. teach swimming to kids
63. rice oil and shea perfume from bath and body works
64. new pants
65. red women's jacket from nike
66. curly hair
67. learn how to paint
68. adobe graphics program suite

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