let's get creative: zen x-fi

meet X-Fi, Creative's newest installment in its ever innovating mp3 player line-up. this one's a predecessor of the Creative Zen (which i'm using now), now with richer features like...

:: x-fi sound technology which generally enhances your audio quality unlike regular mp3 players

:: wi-fi lan, which enables the user to download media via wireless connection

:: instant messaging. you got it there.

the last two features i mentioned are only available on the 16 and 32gigs model.
and what's probably best about is that its introductory price is pretty much the same as the Creative Zen, considering it's advancement in features. 16gigs cost around $200 and the 32gigs - $280.

really, it's a good good deal and i want to get my hands on it now.
well, if i manage to save enough moolas, i could sell my creative zen and just buy the x-fi.

i don't seem to stick into mp3 players for long, i always always want a new one... especially from Creative.

a little research won't do bad, go ahead. :)

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