UP AChES anniv, to Taran and more...

i'm wearing my violet orgshirt today. yeah, one of the rare times actually. hehehe :) oh, today is my org's 3rd year anniversary! yeheeey! really really busy weeeeeeek. :(


to Taran: you mentioned you were torn between a g410 and a c700. well, c700 is slightly richer in functions because it has a webcam and has a really wide screen (around 15 inches more of less) which is a big plus. HOWEVER, it's pretty heavy to carry around if you're looking for portability... but if pretty much the gadget will just sit on your desktop for the most part, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT FOR YOU, and it looks very professional too.

with the g410 though, i haven't bought the unit yet but judging with the specs, it has 40gigs more disk-space than c700 (c700-120gigs, g410-160gigs)... but really, 120gigs is already good enough. it's smaller, lighter and is the best thing i could recommend for STUDENTS like me who wants a readily portable not-a-pain-to-carry-around laptop in school. no webcam, and is about 14.1 inches wide. that's actually big enough for me already. :) and yeah, it has EXACTLY THE SAME SPECS as the c700 xept for the diskspace advantage and weight.

PRICE: the two units really come in cheap (both without OS), so i don't think it should be that bothersome to decide on which without considering the price hehe. price here in the philippines: g410- 28,500 (around 620 US dollars), c700 - 29,500 (around 640 US dollars); they're both without OS so you've got to shell out around 80 to 90 dollars for an authentic one.

hope it helps, taran. :)

LOL. for once, i actually sounded like one those tech-help guys in cNet mailing newsletters to subscribers. hahaha you can ask me more tech stuff guys, i'm kinda savvy with it.

alright, more details later. I'VE GOT TONS TO ACCOMPLISH THIS DAY.

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