preparing for the move

i'm setting up a new blog on a new domain right now but i'm not officially launching it yet... i want it on my 18th birthday! so you wait ok? i'll be notifying my links anyway. :) just so you know, I'M EXCITED TO MOVE OUT OF BLOGGER!!!
oh right, mom says we have a 7 MILLION OFFER FOR OUR HOUSE. freakin awesome man! we're just not sure about it, you know this place holds a lot of memories... my dad engineered this one and mom did all the interior designing. we couldn't just let this go like that. but then, we can build another house with that money, and it's too much too. who knows? plus it's so practical we can save a lot.
oh, the title only applies on the blog thing ok? not our family moving just blocks away... just...not yet. hehe
we went to church awhile ago then headed for lunch at yoshinoya after. i don't know with SM, they keep on expanding! SM North Edsa can already rival megamall's hugeness, if it already hasn't... but i'm pretty sure it already has. it makes me wonder how many more stores and shops could fit there. it's big enough already, and it doesn't look appealing to me anymore. or maybe i'm getting too old for malls.
that's like, a big problem. i'm barely 18 and i'm already losing this institutionalized enthusiasm for mall escapades that every girl must have. this is wrong! but you see, whenever i go home from school during the weekend, i can figure going to the mall to chill, but when i get there, i end up not entering at all because i'm too sleepy and tired and i have no money. yadda yadda yadda... i don't even know what to do when i get there. my idea of chilling would be just a cup of coffee, hot or cold with a book or a magazine and a donut from krispy kreme! if not, i already appreciate going online, editing blogs, surfing for cool stuff, and reading tutorials. but then, in the mall, they're kinda expensive. hehe
ok, gtg. :)

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