my zen just crashed on me

a week late!! i thought i would be able to fix it immediately and give a problem-with-solution entry today but i guess i'm too overworked looking for solutions that i decided to just blog about the problem first... then hopefully when i get it fixed, do a solution entry.

after the Ilocos trip, when i turned on my Creative Zen (8G), it says 'FIRMWARE PROBLEM' and it won't proceed from there. also, the computer won't recognize it!!!! grrr...

yun lang naman... i tried scouting for solutions... i've downloaded this mp3 player recovery tool from the Creative website but when i run the application it says there 'NO ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION FOUND' when in fact, i am online. T___T sucks, man.

then there are also firmware upgrade suggestions... i'm trying that out right now, i'm downloading the 17.something MB firmware file that would HOPEFULLY lead me to a better path but another problem arises... HOW CAN I MAKE THE RECOVERY TOOL WORK ON MY PLAYER OR UPDATE THE FIRMWARE WHEN THE COMPUTER DOES NOT RECOGNIZE MY PLAYER! it reads nothing about the device on My Computer what the fuck, man! this is pissing me off big time.

but you seeee, i'm not missing the player... nor the music, i figured that i've established a psychological dependance on the player almost everyday of my student life that i can't possibly leave for my classes without my earphones on. yaaaah, and the one week that i survived having no mp3 player on hand seemed not to have bothered me big time at all.

i'm not saying i don't care, heck, what do you call this entry.

i just want it fixed. it's nearing one year old already. am i cursed or something? cos i change players almost every year...T____T;; and even though i want that new Creative Zen X-Fi, having a dysfunctional old player wouldn't count as an excuse.

Dear Lord,
Please Help Me Fix My Player.

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