ilocos trip

PICTURES HERE <---- will direct you my multiply acct, only for people in my network. :) spent 3 days and 2 nights at ilocos. honestly, i think i expected TOOOOOO MUCH on this trip, it was a waste (especially to those who weren't able to get the 'surprise compensation' at baguio..will tell later in this entry). and to think i whole heartedly traded our org's anniv night for this (which was held saturday night)?!?!?! shet sana nag anniv na lang ako! D: i missed a damn lot. pero hindi rin! hahahaha... :) di naman ako umuwing talong talo at hinayang na hinayang sa 3300 na feeling ko napunta lang lahat sa gas! >____<
day 1 (sept 6, saturday): after the super long trip... welcome to vigan! i love the place, it looks so... ancient. haha, ewan. basta maganda... it looks so paris with the cobblestoned streets and old spanish houses, lol, maybe i should say it looks more like spain? hindi parin, gusto ko paris eh. we checked-in at a VERY VERY CHEAP inn, Cordillera Inn. ang arte ko diba, e kasi naman... imagine cramming 14 girls in a room? ang jologs! ang dami namin eh! nakaloka isa lang ang CR, buti na lang may shower sa CR sa lobby, at least... kahit nakakahiya, basta makaligo keri lang. eto pa, the breakfast ALMOST sucked. it was supposed to be a buffet, but the people behind the food trays would only allow us a maximum of two longganisas and a single fried egg. so where did a minute part of 'almost sucked' went? there was instant coffee! that made good enough compensation for me, i had two cups hahaha. :)

so you know, we went to a lot of museum stops. boring boring boring... i didn't learn at all. except for some little facts about vigan which didn't really change my life. we also went to this church and bell tower where gabriela and diego silang met for some, err, i dunno... agenda? (my philippine history sucks, so sorry).... the church looked cool, for some reason it reminded me of barcelona (well, i've never been there... got it from meteor garden 2). ok, so after all i think i should quit saying vigan looks like paris just because of the cobblestoned street. now, it looks like spain. ok, sounds more logical.

that night, we decided to stroll around the place... me, anne and geeza. we navigated ourselves fairly easily to the plaza, which was almost dead by 8:30pm. you know how much that sucked? that's the only place we saw which would give us access to urban civilization; mcdonalds, national bookstore (SALE!), lee, guess... dammit, WHY DO THEY CLOSE SO EARLY?!?! and you know, most of the stalls there are already closed too.

strike one.

so we just walked back, defeated, to the inn, thinking that maybe we should just let this pass and sleep... anyway, it's cold in the room. but guess what? we arrived at the inn, wondering why everyone's heading downstairs and out to the streets... then it dawned on us that THERE'S NO ELECTRICITY and only the lights could be powered by the generator.

strike two.

so we out too and just made tambay on the streets, taking pictures (i swear, the pictures in my multiply would bear no evidence that i didn't enjoy the trip -because some rule of thumb says i should smile for the camera even though i'm having a bad day-, THIS IS THE MORE RELIABLE SOURCE OF WHAT I TRULY FELT DURING THE DAMNED TRIP). so yeah, we pretty much endured it naman so ok lang. hehehe

day 2 (september 7, sunday): we woke up 5am, and left at around 630 to do some more trips. we made a lot of museum stops again, and i didn't pay attention... there were times when we just stay in the bus and wait for them. we also had this super annoying tour guide, she's supposed to be one but i didn't learn anything essential from her. and her voice is always in a bellowing tone, like molly weasley's voice recorded in howler.

anyway, after some stops we headed to ilocos norte for the gigantic wind turbines that covers 40% of norte's electricity. the place was cool, and we were situated at a place where we can see all the 20+ turbines lined up along the shore. coolest!

then we headed to pagudpud beach.
kala ko masaya, hindi pala. we were bored eh, we're not having fun. grr... at least we were, i don't know with the others pero i know hindi kami nag-iisang napapangitan sa agenda.

and you know, we drove there for 5 hours and after that we have to endure another 5 hours back to vigan. napaka uncompromising.

day 3 (september 7, monday): ayoko na, i'll skip through the first part....
baguio: we stopped at burnharm park. panget din pala dito. it looks so congested and polluted, totally not what i expected. and we were insisting na sa SM baguio na lang kami magstop-over, but no. guess what, almost everyone headed to the mall parin. why can't they see that we're not enjoying ourselves?

pero wag ka, the best part was we spotted SAM CONCEPCION with Inaki of PDA (not at the mall, but somewhere near Ibay's)!

ok, yun lang nagpasaya sakin ng todo.
at least nabawi ang inis ko diba? :)

after the trip, i noticed tuloy tuloy ang kamalasan ko. haaay badtrip. :(

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