black as the pit from pole to pole

whatever. random line from some poem i read some time ago.

lol i have a very big problem staying awake at the office during the morning. but i have an even bigger problem keeping my consciousness during meetings. someone tell me what to do! i'm wasting hours on my desk drooling off and not being productive. >XS hayy.

 //people problems [semi-resolved]

 from now on, whenever i get a bad first impression about someone, i'll keep the person in my "People-to-get-to-know-more list". It's to help me decrease the harnessing of evil thoughts about someone and also to give the person the benefit of the doubt. recently, i met someone who at first contact insulted me indirectly. since then, i kinda vowed never to talk to her or even try to befriend her. it's pretty simple really, i have a "don't like? don't mind" mindset against people i hate. the less i interact with them, the less my mind is filled with evil thoughts. then just recently ulit, i kind of grew closer (in terms of proximity) to the person because of a project and as much i hate the idea of it, i had to live professionally LOL. eventually, the irrate feeling turned to sincere friendship (yuck parang anlalim agad ng pinagsamahan eh no) and i felt sorry (deep inside) for being so quick to judge. kkkk nung isang araw pa to eh nakalimutan ko lang ipost haha

 //i woke up from a bad bad dream this morning

 here it goes... i was headed home from SM with my sister and we rode a lagro jeep. i was carrying a bag with a laptop and i saw a suspicious looking man eyeing my bag. he looked like a thief so i kept throwing dagger like stares at him while clutching tighter to my bag. a young boy was also with him, probably a thief too. then suddenly, they moved to get my bag! whoa no! i rose from my seat and tried to make bugaw them away. ang tapang ko grabe. but deep inside i was frakking scared, but right there i looked like i was ready to fight the goon and a half-man with whatever fighting skills i have (screaming maybe?).

 then the thief went down the jeep and made motion na parang naghahamon and i was like , seriously? i can judo** you! but then, i was really scared so uhm, i dunno what happened next. i think the jeep left without him but he kept chasing me so di ako mapakali. i transferred jeeps along the way and sat near the driver and ducked on the floor to hide, but when i raised my head to check, i saw the thief's face on the jeep next to us and he saw mine too and he had a lagot-kang-bata-ka-sakin look on his face before coming down and chasing me agaaaain! i went off at fcm and hid inside the mall, and when the coast was clear i went home alone.

 when i came back, i texted terai to ask where she was cos i almost forgot i was with her pala on the jeep! when she came back, she was crying as she said, "tinali nya kaya kami!" showing the rope the thief used to tie her hands (and others too). so back there they were taken as hostages pala to get my LAPTOP what the heck. and she remembers one of the passengers saying she'll try to contact me for the laptop so he an release them. then terai also said the police caught him naman. hahaha

 now that i'm telling you, it sounds funny pala. hey and you know what, i can clearly remember the man's face although he's a total stranger to me! he looked like a shorter and bald version of jess lapid.

like that! but younger and a bit thinner, and with less facial hair. grabeee hahaha

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