happy long (walk)end!

yesterday, i was so excited to get home but when i reached the loading area, the line of passengers for the mrt jeepney is so frakking long... so i decided to just walk until mrt using the bridge at rufino which snakes all the waaaaaaaaay to greenbelt! i enjoyed the walk because it was my first time to explore that part of the bridge, i've only been up to the paseo segment so discovering that it goes all the way to rufino was a pretty cool thing! i wasn't really in a rush plus i'm in quite a dora mood so i was all around the bridge looking over the buildings (k. hahaha) and you see, what set up the mood was actually Rooftop Prince OST, i feel really really good listening to OSTs during long walks, every instrumental suddenly changes the scenery.

speaking of music, ever since i listened to an album using my motorola phone (the one i'm selling! moto defy mini xt321 dual sim hahaha), i felt like my samsung phone fell off the standards when it comes to rendering music. moto sound quality is really brilliant! however though, who cares! walking along that unknown bridge with the scenery slowly fading to Jeoson era with every track, ang sarap ng feeling. tas biglang may tumawag. lol

the walk was super amazing... until i started closing in on greenbelt where the people are pouring and slowly getting stuck at a bottleneck which is the landmark entrance. i lost my mojo there, i hate crowded malls but what do you expect on a friday haha. mall to mall i crossed... glorietta was worst! ely buendia thing going on, a thick layer of people clogging the way. hayyy then as usual, mobs of people are heading the same way so the other bottlenecks i squeezed through are... the escalator from glorietta to bridge crossing sm makati, and the escalator from sm makati to mrt station. puro escalator hahahaha and theeeen the usual terrible pila at mrt. yoko na i-explain, it's too horrible hahaha i got by with the OST and rebisco crackers >:D

blah blah blah i'm home! HAHAHAHA

oyun lang! naglakad lang ako! 3 non-standard paragraphs! 'exteme waste of words' achievement unlocked!

oh PS i sort of hate bumping into people (like schoolmates hahaha) i know whenever i'm out on a commute. why? why? because i always look sooooo haggard and i don't like schoolmates looking down on their previous president because she lacks some freshness (powder and lipgloss), smells like ming's shaolin oil and carries a school bag!  HAHAHAHA k.

city hunter mode! to count, i've cried twice! the more tears i shed, the more awesome the series is!

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