iphone4sgiveaways.org SCAM?

YES. and that's all you need to know (but i'll still expound like i can't help myself haha).

beware! in the end it's just gonna ask you to fill out some stupid enterfactory survey that'll ask for your mobile number then bug you to hell. well i just revealed how far i went right? nope. when the site asked for my mobile number i knew i had to stop fiddling with the pathetic possibility. HAHA i sound stupid. >XD

judging from the website alone i knew it had to be scam, but still tried it anyway because uhm, because, what if maybe baka naman diba? hahahaha iphone 4s is iphone 4s, not that i want one. hahahaha

anyway. yeah, i found a really good advice from yahoo answers. might help you too!

how to know if a website service is a scam?
1) if it's too good to be true, it is.
2) if you had to ask if it's scam, it is.

not again, arianne. not again. *face palm*

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