monday's draft

i almost hated this day if not for city hunter! haha seriously, i'm getting kindoff "stressed out" with my task. or maybe it was because i slacked off too long, knowing i can't afford to rush something my mind can't comprehend hahaha.

this day was every bit annoying.

// my back pain, which i thought was in the process of healing, got worse this morning. i dunno why. maybe because i curled on my knees for long minutes while in the sauna yesterday. or maybe because of sweat. hay.  the pain is back.. yes, back pain WAHAHAHAHA. sorry sorry...

// my allergies kicked in again. and i'm pretty sure it's because i ate too much cold yesterday. 2 servings of bonchon's blueberry froyo! the craving just kicked in eh! i ate one before working out, then after dinner. HAHAHA now my nose is frakking itchy, my head is starting to hurt from excessive wheezing and i'm running out of tissue soon.

// i just wanted to go home in peace, hopeful that city hunter will relieve my disappointments. so i took the train to taft avenue for a round trip. unfortunately the train was so packed, i wasn't able to get a seat. so much for a round trip! frakking waste of time. huhu

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