mahabag ka naman habagat

// i didn't notice it's already past 9pm! we don't usually get flooded at this part of the subdivision but yesterday, the drainage from the rooftop got clogged with leaves so water at the deck flowed inside the house and down to the second floor... and into my room! yey haha good thing i never witnessed the wreck, i arrived from work just when they had finished cleaning up.

// yesterday, the commute home was every bit slow. when i came out of the building i was contemplating on whether to take the MRT (fast but tiring and full of hassles) or just ride the bus (super cold and slow but relatively safer). but my right foot was starting to ache, like pre-pilay ache, so i just opted for the bus to get a rest. pero grabe, it was so cooooold and the travel from makati to fairview took 3 hours! then again, it's better than having to risk a pilay and go through hell fighting for a space at the train. thank you Lord!

// i thank God we're safe. it's during times like these when we realize how blessed we are that we don't need rescuers, we're not out of food, we're situated at a high place in the subdivision and our only problem is to keep the perimeters of our house shut and the drainages open to avoid rain water from seeping in.

// i thank God cos eventually, work got suspended even before i could convince myself that it's dangerous to go out. i thank God cos i was able to catch up on sleep today... and had pancakes too! yeyy

// i hope this rain will end. hopefully sana wala paring pasok bukas! though sana wala ng ulan. >:S

// keep safe everyone and don't forget to pray!

// and why the heck is Genesis 8:7-12 trending. yeah that part is still about the flood but the rain started a chapter ago and didn't God promise we'll never experience that again? and it's just the Philippines yknow. grr

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