// long time to blog! and it's not like i've ran out of whatnots to tell, i'm just particularly "busy" tryna make a "bare" living out of a job i'm still "struggling" to love while watching my health decline due to commuter's stress. lol i dunno.

// last week was like one of the most physically painful moments of my life. i had to live with an annoying stiff neck and an alarming back pain, all while trying not to arrive late for work. grabe. grabe talaga. i can't bend without eliciting a painful sigh. and you know, bending is like uhm, a necessary movement for commuters hahaha. i have bend to get in and out of the tryke and the jeepney! haha

// i was wondering maybe God is punishing me for frequently jaywalking and passing through that "illegal hole" at the fence at Q.ave (it's a frkn shortcut kasi hayyy). guess what my dear father up above, i have long quit committing illegal ways to save time and arrive early at work so please please please reward me by removing the pain on my lower back. >XD thank you!

// oh look, in an attempt to discover more effective ways of easing the pain, i've switched from efficascent oil to MING'S SHAOLIN OIL. it smells better and is more uhm, powerful lol. also more expensive... but oh well, still better haha

// drama under the break!

i just don't feel the people around meeee! except for one. hay. hay. hay. psychological complications brew when you fail to identify someone on your level... of weakness. hahaha no really, i feel so week and dumb and useless. and hey, this isn't a call to increase my workload. more like a call for a companion that only i can find.

i just don't see myself excelling in this field. really. uhm. errr. maybe i'll just try my best to "learn".

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