ambagal ng oras grarrr

I don't understand most of the things they make me do here, but I'm hopeful that one day I'll get used to it all and uhm, yeah, learn everyting. They're right, the deadly jitters will soon fade away, but in my case, not completely. HAHA I'm like still in the process of discovering my worth as a "programmer". Most of the time, I think about quitting and studying multimedia/graphic arts instead ...and it doesn't sound so bad! in fact it excites me. Maybe it's the thought of studying something you know you'll actually like and improve a hell lot on that makes me so enthusiastic about it.

Maybe one day, when I've gathered enough guts and money to pursue that which I love, I'll venture into the arts department wholly. When I was in LB, it took me 3 years to realize I didn't like chemical engineering so at that time, everything else sounded better. Which is probably why I decided to take computer science. First it's not chem. eng, and next... well IT'S NOT CHEM ENG!!! haha Besides two of my housemates were CS studs so that probably influenced me. And yknow that time, I was like at a phase where I thought chem. eng was the worst (and hardest) course ever so anything which is not it, is probably tolerable. Even agriculture and veterinary medicine sounded better and more likeable to me.

long story short, it took me a looooooot of freaking time (and money) to realize what my real strengths are, and up to now, i'm not doing anything about it.

Time seems to be running so slow. I want to go home badly. Like BADLY. The weather is freaking bad outside, and we were just notified that we could leave early cos of the weather (undertime) but of course that's bawas sweldo so, really, no thanks. >:S I'll be in until 6pm cos I was late! Freaking rain…

Looord Looord antagal talaga ng oras. huhuhu ayoko po magcode. err. >:S


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