kudos to BPI Salcedo Village

an example of honest banking! >:D i encashed a certain amount of money into 200-peso-bill denomination. when it was handed out to me, i didn't count it anymore because i already watched the bill counting machine as it counted the money for me. i was confident that i left with the exact amount of of 200 peso bills. >:D but when i recounted it at the office, it was lacking 1 bill. i recounted many times but i still ended up with the same number. i was very disappointed and at the verge of walking back and complaining about the missing 200 but i thought, "anong laban ko? e kanina pa ko umalis? what if sabihin nila i was doing it on purpose?" so i just let it go continued working.

but just now, an unknown number called me, and it turned out to be the teller who attended to me awhile ago, she said there was a 200 peso bill stuck at the bill counter and believing it was mine, she apologized and asked if it's okay to just deposit it at my account. yeheyyy. my 200 is back.

thank you and good job, BPI. >:D

just so you know, BPI Salcedo Village is located at 
G/F 88 Corporate Center, Valero cor. Sedeno St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

back to work. >:)

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