i'm 2 minutes early for work, beat that! >XD

God loves me so much he rewarded my waking up 15 minutes early than usual by allowing me not to arrive late for work. you see, i live at fairview and work in makati, and mondays are crazy not just for me but for the rest of the manila working class. i usually wake up at 6:15 (my regular working sched is at 8:30) and usually on mondays, i arrive at the office at 9am, so late grarr. so this morning i tried to break the habit by waking up 15 minutes early in hopes of arriving a bit early as well. note that for an ultra lazy slacker like me, waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual is a big big struggle. believe me huhu. >XP

over the weeks, i realized that MRT-ikot fx's are scarce come 6:45 so i always opt to ride the jeepney. the bad thing about it is that they drop you off at the bridge under the q.ave flyover which is so hassle cos it includes lots of walking to reach the station grarrr (whereas fx's drop you off at McDo q.ave which is much convenient but seeing that they're pretty rare, i don't wanna waste time waiting for em). Although there are some jeepneys, when stuck in u-turn traffic, that drop people off at the high way so they don't have to walk that much compared to the usual drop off area. i think it's illegal, but it's much faster and whenever i get the chance, i try to get off there. from there, people still have to cross the bridge but it's much nearer naman na. plus, i don't really cross the bridge, i get out using the hole at the metal fence some cool dude created. it has been there for years i guess, and well, it's useful for me and many others who are too lazy to cross the bridge. haha sorry, not a good example no?

monday morning rush hours at MRT is really really horrible, and the people are really in barbaric mode, even the girls. i have to endure 2 painstaking lines in order to get to the train. first is the line to get in the station which usually snakes up to the streets of edsa, and then the line at the platform to get in the train. there are unfortunate times when

 when i get off at ayala, depending on the time, 2 more long lines are waiting for me, the line of people getting down and out the station, and the line of people at the ayala-washington jeepney terminal. i didn't include the line at the turnstiles to get out of the station cos it's pretty smooth flowing naman hehe.

andami ko namang sinabi, and point ko lang naman, masaya ako dahil hindi ako nalate sa isang LUNES. yehey. sana bukas rin haha


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