there's no place like home!

i've never felt so strongly attached with our home until i started working. hahahaha eh kasi naman, i have to go through a lot of hassles in life (in life talaga eh) just to get home FAST. yaknow, jeep then mrt then jeep then tryke plus lot's of walking and lining up. makes my daily journey back home every bit rewarding.

also, ever since i started working, i've never been this morally challenged! HAHAHA it's because of commuting parin eh, kasi naman... i always meet annoying people! people who singit in pilas, people who snidely comments on the space my backpack is consuming at the train (kasya pa raw sana isang tao? sige te, saksak kita sa bag ko!), people who force their butts on ultra compressed jeepneys, people, people, people!  Lord, it's so hard to be nice to your creatures!!!

but of course, i really really really try my best to understand them. after all, they're just like me who's always in a rush to get to work/home/wherever, and i believe it's not in their sincerest intentions to cause any one a hassle. much like how i can't reduce the space my backpack consumes. kasi my lunch box is there, and apart from the reason that i don't like to carry extra stuff, i also can't afford to misplace it cos it's more monetarily valuable than my entire backpack and its other contents combined! HAHAHA yeah yeah yeah. but seriously, they are just times when i can't control my brain from mentally bashing these annoying people. pero  at least naman mentally lang! mabait bait naman talaga ako in public yeyyy but shempre, i still feel guilty being judgmental that way. >XS

oh yesterday was funny. when the train moved, i got out of balance and accidentally stepped on someone's foot. and when i tried to get some support, i forgot i was carrying my wet umbrella and accidentally smacked it on someone's face (nose, specifically). i felt extremely sorry for it but deep inside i was laughing so hard at how funny the scene may have looked. HAHAHAHAHA laftreep talaga. kawawa naman si kuya, basa pa naman yung payong ko, madumi pa WAHAHAHAHAHA. >XS

okaaaaay city hunter mode! <3 <3 <3

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