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Random things I wanted to share since I missed another Sunday Currently due to, ano ba, laziness. Blogging at home is quite a bother honestly. I have to setup my laptop downstairs cos the wifi couldn't reach me in my bedroom. haha So most of the time I only go online if I really really have to, like when I needed to answer Chili's online survey so I'd get free nachos on my next visit. haha

Fortunately, the router has been transferred upstairs because my parents are converting their bedroom to accommodate their office so yeheyy for more internet time? So anyway,


I'm totally absorbed watching Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)! It's so freaking intense and everything. I would've finished watching by now but I've run out of HD episodes to watch haha. Currently waiting for episodes 18-Final from my officemate hihi. No actually, I'm already streaming it online. CAN'T WAIT EH.

You guys should watch it, I'm more than halfway and more than convinced to put it on top my Favorite Anime list. Do I even have one? I can't believe I didn't know about this before! No wonder it kept me thinking what the fuss is all about with these green hoodies with wing logos at the back. It's the Survey Corps! Makes me kindof detest all the hype about it tbh, people wearing it as if they'd actually choose to join the Legion for real. Their job scares the shiz out of me I wouldn't even be thinking of enlisting myself in the first place.

hey artist, hope you don't mind!
Two episodes to go before I finish watching the first season. As of writing, I'M DONE!

I'm kindof shipping Mikasa and Levi, I don't even know why. And when I learned the have the same surname, it weirded me out, but nothing in the series revealed they're relatives (yet) so uhm, yey for guiltless shipping? My mind was rooting for Eren x Levi at first. I KNOW I KNOW. It's kindof hard to push back my fancy for yaoi and I'm still seriously struggling about it every time I'm faced with anime. So fine, I'm gonna stick with Mikasa x Levi. hihi Or I'll just quit shipping altogether and simply fangirl at the thought of Lance Corporal Levi. He's so cool on so many levels. <3 <3 <3


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Now? Nothing, but this weekend I finally got to try Project Pie and realized how it's so much like Mad for Pizza, or the other way around. Same price, same ordering process, and everything. I liked Project Pie's ambience more though! And I love my pizza, it's full of everything and despite the pizza maker's warnings of some toppings not going well with each other, I still made it a point to put everything I want, with emphasis on a lot of mozzarella, jalapenos, and herbs! <3 Omnomnomnom


Relieved that our helper returned to us after 4 months. The one who's been with us for a decade already and who left because I think we antagonized her into packing up. Uhm (-2). But then rumors came about that she actually eloped with her boyfriend, some construction worker in the village who, rumor has it (again), was coaxing her into taking supplies from our pantry... like cooking oil and detergent. Nakakatawa lang. She's more than welcome to be back though! We all love her and miss her. My mom kept comparing her to the 2 helpers who came after her, seems like she misses her so! haha Thank you Looooord!


I had a lot of extra money cos I'm getting frustrated over my growing Lazada wishlist already. Newest I'm crushing over, a Sony BSP-10, a small bluetooth speaker with NFC and is Qi compatible (read: wireless charging). Why do i need these extra features anyway? I was only looking for a bluetooth speaker with an audio cable. The BSP-10 doesn't have an audio cable but I read it can receive audio input from its microUSB charing port. So now, I'm looking into a microUSB slash 3.5mm audio cable. Is there even one in CD-R King? And also researching if it can really receive wired audio input lol.

Or should I reduce my wanting to something that clearly has my minimum requirements, that is - the JBL Microwireless Bluetooth Speaker, 50% cheaper with a quality brand to boot. But NFC is tempting. Also, the way you can hook it to Sony Smart Connect to check battery status and all sounded really appealing to me (as if i needed it).

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Organic quinoa and chia seeds at SM Fairview Hypermaket! Wala lang, it's in the "International" shelves. There's also red quinoa. :D Hope they stay for good. I got myself a pack of chia (1lb.worth 600something) and we're basically topping it everywhere! haha Smells like wheat germ, tastes like nothing, slimes as it lingers in the mouth. It's aaaaaall good! I'm loving it so far! And careful not to dip a wet spoon in the jar cos the seeds may expand. XS

That's kind of all! :) Hope you have a great week ahead!

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