What's in my Notebook? (vol. 3)

Work's getting busier so it's harder to sneak some drawing time hehe. Here's what I managed this week! :D

Inspired by one of Us the Duo's songs! Go listen to them!

"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." - Exodus 14:14
A reminder that we're not alone in our battles. :)

I bought a fineliner for better outlines and less smudges but I'm missing the sheen finish of regular ballpens so hi Titus!

Art related, I thank God cos I won a ticket to last week's Type Lab MNL! Reason why I delayed buying a ticket is that I knew in my heart some of the sponsors will throw a giveaway haha! I'm against attending paid events unless I've exhausted all effortless means to enter for free :P Thanks Swift Premium! In fairness, ang premium nga ng lasa ng bagong corned beef nyo, pati packaging haveyyy! <3

Anyway, it was a super rainy weekend that time so I only came to get the kit and listen to Abbey Sy's talk. Tbh, wag kayong magalit okay, I was bored. 15 minutes have passed since she started talking and I was wondering when she's gonna stop yapping about herself and finally introduce the topic. After 5 more minutes I realized she is her own topic and I was, ano ba, mejo na-disappoint ako. I've been following her so I kinda know what she's up to every now and then, and she just kindof repeated her journey on stage and introduced herself and her many designations in life. If you're someone who's not familiar with her and her work, you'll definitely be amazed. But heck, hasn't she promoted enough of herself already? #JustSaying 

My opinion of her talk doesn't change the fact that she's still a very talented person worth looking up to. Passion is important, but the girl has vision too and she makes things happen. There's no stopping her on the things she will accomplish. Nakaka-inspire diba. Makapag-resign na nga. Chos.

I wish I had listened to the other speakers as well but I haven't catched up enough with Jeckie and that's more important! Plus, it was raining hard and going to Makati is a such a freaking hassle. Sitting at the back is crappy too. It's super loud near the pop-up stores, what with all the sales talk and spazzing going on, and unfortunately I'm seated in front of three super conyo girls who wouldn't stop chatting. In fact, the place is filled with super conyo people! Not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just pointing out a probable demographic of type enthusiasts lol.

The venue is nice but it could be better if they picked a space with very little natural light, for the sake of seeing the presentations better. It's hard to appreciate what's in front when the screen is being washed off in the day light. Or use LED screens instead of projector. Sayang talaga yung slides. 

I would also put the exhibit and booth outside and open to the public so that more people would be enticed to come and check the event out! :D 

Lastly, I'd include each of the speaker's topic as part of the program schedule, I didn't want to guess what they're going to talk about and be disappointed later on. It's also a deciding factor for me, to know what I'll be taking away from the conference. It's easy to stalk the speakers online and bask in the glory of their art, I want to learn something they haven't shared online. :)

On the good things, there were enough pop-up shops to satisfy the hoarders (which is not me). There's Hey Kessy, Sunday Paper Co., Ella Lama, Craft Carrot, Swirls and Strokes, etc. I spotted Moleskine and was almost sold on their mechanical pencil buti na lang my reason and my lack of money got the better of me. Walang hiyang mechanical pencil, 980 pesos?! Don't tell me gumamit na non si Da Vinci?! My gaaaaahd. 

The kit is really really beautiful. The postcards were nice but I got a slight OCD attack cos Abbey's postcard is smaller than the rest. Shoooocks. How do i put these in a grid? lol The white eco bag is beautiful (but I'd rather have it black), the notebook is super pretty, the pencil is making ugly marks on the eco back but that's just me and my kaartehan, Swift Premium is the best seryoso I love it! I should probably post pictures no? 

Hm. Yun lang naman lol. XD

Have a happy week ahead!

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