The Sunday Currently (vol. 11)

After missing two weeks! I'm back with another The Sunday Currently! :D

I finished reading Wonder by RJ Palacio (read my reaction here!) last week! I was supposed to read The Book Thief by Marckus Zusak next so I brought it in the office with me, unfortunately i never got the chance to read there and I forgot to take it home so when I finally had the chance to read, it's 8 kilometers away so today I'm reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman haha. More on re-reading actually cos i totally forgot what it's all about already.

Nothing! I'm starting to wonder that this 'Writing' is for haha.

to Us the Duo's No Matter Where You Are album! :D Catch them here in the Philippines! They had a concert last July 10 at Rockwell, but this weekend they're holding 2 free mini concerts at Robinsons Galleria (July 11) and Robinsons Magnolia (July 12), both at 4pm! <3 --- Oops, publishing late so sorry for the late news. XS

About how to save properly and stop spending money I don't have yet! I've been borrowing from my emergency funds to cover for my cravings like eating out at Chili's or Army Navy thinking I can repay it naman when swelday comes and justifying the expense as an emergency cos i'll probably go crazy if I don't eat burrito right now. It's so wrong, I'm still trying to figure out a way around my cravings and food phases such that I don't get to touch any more of my supposed savings. huhu T__T

Nothing! I have colds so yeah. -_-

I had lots of money to spend on food, books, gadgets, and clothes. Don't we all?

T-shirt and shorts!

That I've been getting good sleep lately because of the overcast weather. The day isn't bright and it's cold too (perfect bed weather!). But of course, I wouldn't trade it for a series of storms. We live near La Mesa dam and last Friday, the nearby communities were advised to "force" evacuate because the dam is near spilling level already. Of course, they weren't really forced... knowing the people, everything they hear from the authorities are mere suggestions. :\

I thank God we weren't that affected yet. We're literally surrounded by waterways. I hope the weather gets better, even though it would mean sleepless mornings for me. huhu

1) A Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact! Haha! Whenever I go to the bookstore, I take pictures of books I would love to read, and it always gets me into a mental debate of whether to buy them all or just download ebooks. Most of the time ebooks win cos it's free, add to the fact that most of the time i'm broke so I figured I would need a tablet to better my ebook reading experience. So much for being broke no?

2) Google Cardboard! My officemate showed me a cardboard he bought online and I'm so bent on getting my own! Sucks that I already deleted most of my cardboard apps!

To find a way to avoid growing my eyebags worse over the night shift. They're so evidently black already I may have to spend for concealer na. huhu

Blessed and excited for swelday to come cos I wanted to know how much I'll be actually earning extra by working the graveyard shift. To be honest, I think I already spent all of it. :\ HAHA So let's see. Bakit ba kasi ang gastos.


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