ito ang tama!

i drank a can of redhorse last sunday. haha... i don't know why, maybe because i need the energy to stay up late to watch my beloved jackie chan movies (again!). i need some action, really. LoL, and it didn't taste that bad and undesirable. yes it's bitter but since i drank it cold, i guess i didn't feel the bitterness that much.
oh well, just great. now i drink beer. o.O no, i don't think i'll develop a tolerance to it unlike my addiction to caffeine... it's just that i'm looking for an alternative eye-opener. haha.

it's wednesday today! and we watched the eco week presentors awhile ago in the gym. they're great but i can't help getting nervous with reg and kim, i'm afraid they'll commit mistakes. glad there's not much of it.

the eco song is great too! i had goosebumps because of their voice (that's a kudo!) but i can't deny the fact that they had a little problem with the voicing too... =) anyway, they can fix that! i know they can! and i also know that they'll bag in the first place! hehe. =D

haay. kumusta naman ako sa pinoy, wala pa kong pasadong quiz!!! -_-;; mamaya mag-aaral na nga ako. grr...

waw. i'm getting excited, it never came into my mind that i don't have to buy an ipod coz i have a handheld. how stupid is that... now all i have to do is buy a compatible memory card and wallah! coolness.

hmm... i seriously need ate alyn to transfer her avon account to commonwealth immediately!! i'm running out side-lines. i can't sell void tickets forever!! i need money talaga. parang gusto ko na tuloy magtrabaho!!


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